Sri Lanka Tourist Attraction

Sri Lanka tourist attractions are too many, but picked for interest is the lofty Pidurutalagala mountain that should be visited on the way to Nuwara Eliya. Getting there is an exciting journey by vehicle, experiencing jungle scenery, streams and mist. The view is panoramic! Another great Sri Lanka tourist attraction is the Kaudulla National Park, 187 kms from Colombo. Here’s a place to sight large birds, rare deer, freshwater turtles and a many herbivorous mammals. Camping is also possible. Sri Lankan tourist attractions for the adventurous are many but there is no better place than Mirissa for surfing and whale watching. Possibly the most popular Sri Lanka tourist attraction is the Port of Galle, a UNESCO heritage site that holds the Galle Fort. Built by the Dutch in 1588 the Fort holds a quaint little town with antiquated houses in a maze of narrow lanes. The old Dutch Church compound has 200 year old tombstones where the curious could read the inscriptions. There is also a proliferation of restaurants to sip good tea in the open.